"Há que te Lata - man muß sich nur trauen" - Antje Weber

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Emptyness is the Beginning
A white canvas, a space without furniture or at least an empty desk. I can create only out of an emptyness, which I try to fill - with ideas, concepts, colours, words. It is not the creative chaos that inspires or motivates me. It is the absence. Now there are the empty cans - latas - which I am filling. They are skin, frame, canvas for ideas, which I present like on small stages. Names, expressions, allusions create stories in the mind of every spectator, always different, connected with small elements and details, partly given due to the inscription of the can, as well as by added contents and words from my side. All this inseparately connected with me, my life and Portugal, the country which is my home right now. Which I am making my home, absorbing it, to fill the emptyness, as I always do, to be happy.


Há que ter Lata

In her conceptional assemblages German artist Antje Weber transforms fish cans into art works referring to her own Portuguese experiences. While living in Lisbon for one year now, Antje Weber was fascinated by the colorful fish cans, which represent Portugal to her in a very typical way. Fish that had been the source of Portuguese life forever. Filling the cans with new and different contents like a Lisbon electrico, light bulbs or a lady´s glove and adding text or poetry to her assemblages, she reinvents the meaning of the cans giving them new life always with a twinkle in her eye. The Museu do Trabalho in Setubal was the place to show her works - where else than in an old fish factory?!

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